3 Ways to Beat the Coronavirus

Another IV your integrative physician may use is ultraviolet blood irradiation or UBI. Basically, this IV pulls a little blood out of your arm, runs it through a machine that exposes your blood to ultraviolet light. And then it returns the exposed blood to your body where it fights pathogens.

This technology was developed decades ago, but was suppressed for many years. It’s complicated technology that’s difficult to get exactly right. So some machines haven’t been as effective as others, though this is starting to change.

And we don’t know if UBI will be effective against coronavirus yet or not. But there’s ample evidence to believe it will be. So we’ve included it in our protocol.

As you may know, many medical facilities use UV light to disinfect surgical equipment. That’s because UVC light can break the molecular bonds that hold viruses and bacteria together. However, broad-spectrum UVC light can also do the same thing in human cells, leading to problems like skin cancer and cataracts. However, there’s a narrow spectrum of UVC light called far-UVC that isn’t harmful to human cells.  But it can still kill viruses and bacteria. That’s because these harmful organisms are much smaller than human cells, so this narrow spectrum of light can target them, while our larger cells keep our DNA protected.