Healing with Light – Advanced Medical Technology

Light is one the most important dynamics for life. Its power and significance is just beginning to be understood. Light is energy our bodies use. Its biochemical action effects the metabolic hormones in our bodies. There are many practical uses for light in science and technology. Research has proven that to be healthy we need a certain amount light everyday. There are cases of light deficiency syndrome known as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) occurring from the lack of sunlight. It has been discovered that irradiating animals with different frequencies of light will produce specific genders. Light effects different enzymatic reactions, babies that suffer from jaundice are placed under blue light to help them. Interestingly enough plants grown under different colored light were in some cases dramatically effected. Some plants would grow faster while others died, combinations of specific or certain frequencies can but quite harmful to people as well as plants. It has been determined that artificially created light can be toxic to our bodies. It has been discovered that light toxicity releases stress hormone ACTH, the mal-illumination resulting from fluoresce light additionally causes iron in the blood to coagulate that can attribute to clots.

Light is broken up into over 300 visible frequencies and travels at 186,281 miles per hour (300,000 km a second),, and most of it outside of our range of sight. We as humans see only a small range of what is in within the electro magnetic spectrum. For us to actually see light the energy waves have to be vibrating within a specific or (range of) frequencies. Theses frequencies are measured by the length of the wave form. The visible range that we are able to see as a waveform measures between 400nm and 700nm wide. Nanometer is a billionth of a meter this is the increment small enough to measure light.

As strange as it may seem pure white sun rays are actuality a composite of many colors of light. By passing light through a prism the colors of visible light can be seen as a rainbow. The rainbow shows us the full range of color that visible to the naked eye. The definition of mon•o•chro•mat•ic of or having one color: of or producing electromagnetic radiation of one wavelength. Monochromatic light is light that has been isolated in a single frequency.

Light has a whole new application within the medical field. Light is the medicine of the future according to a new group of pioneers in the field. Although the FDA has not approved many of its potential uses, and current approvals are very limited. Europeans and Japanese have not been shy to push forward in this new science. One of the few FDA patents was issued to neurologist Dr. Harry T. Whelan of Milwaukee, Wisconsin for use on people. Dr. Whelan, at this point seems to be a leader in this field. Currently working with NASA and Quantum Devices, Inc of Barneveld, Wisconsin they are all jointly taking large steps in the advancement of this new field.  He and others have had overwhelming successes treating brain tumors, esophageal and lung cancers using photodynamic therapy.

When a light frequency is separated into a single wavelength it has profound dynamics.  One of these known dynamics is its ability to travel vast distances within a single concentrated beam called a laser. There is now evidence that monochromatic light can heal humans and animals alike It have been quickly adopted by equine racing trainers because its effect the animals circulation and speedy healing time. It is said that in the mid 1970’s Russians were the first to analyze cellular change to tissue using monochromatic light. A single light wave is essential, because cell tissue will not respond if more than one wavelength is present.

Another electrical component that produces non-coherent monochromatic light is the LED (light emitting diode). The LED emits a cooler light that a laser but it is much less expensive to build and its life expectancy is 20 times longer. LEDs are becoming the standard this new medical field pioneered by modern doctors and practitioners. At this point this new treatment is not accepted by the mainstream medical community, but I believe in a few years it will become common practice and accepted as a major scientific breakthrough. This treatment does not mask the symptoms, its fixes the problems.

Dr. Robert Temple of the FDA has stated that patients with large tumors are left with no other options. PDT (photodynamic therapy) or LLLT (low level light therapy) relieves not only the symptoms but cures the problem. The processes is so cost effective and efficient it may have a negative impact on the pharmaceutical industry in the near future. PDT/LLLT is a method of bio-stimulation that works on the effected area (abnormal cell tissue) by radiating it with the single frequency light from 30 seconds to 20 minutes per treatment session. The photon energy is absorbed by the cell which causes increased circulation and oxygen flow while releasing toxins. The light emits an energy that helps the body’s natural healing processes, enhancing healthy cells and stimulating damaged and irregular cell tissue into an accelerated healing process. The light enters the body as photons that are absorbed by the photo-receptor within each cell. Photons strike the damaged material creating a cellular response that prompts the tissue to jump start the near magical healing process. Also oddly enough chlorophyll the chemical that coverts light to energy in plants has a very similar molecular structure to human hemoglobin.

Scientists have determined that the light penetrates into the DNA activating it. The DNA then transmits this new energy to the cell walls by means of protein and calcium transfer. Then the cell walls transform themselves into healthy shapes allowing the cell to perform, once again and function at full capacity. The irradiated tissue increases blood flow helping to carry vitamins and nutrients into the areas where they are needed most, with no damage to surrounding tissue. As a result of the increased blood flow toxins and metabolic by-products are taken away from the suffering tissue quickly.

The single waveform light can perform near miracles in curing cancer, disintegrating tumors and repairing damaged tissue. This processes can be done without painful surgery, the only known side effects to light therapy is a tendency for patients to sunburn easily, which can be avoided by staying out of direct sunlight for a 4 to 6 weeks after treatment.

NASA uses this technology on their space missions, and the Navy also uses monochromatic light with their special forces and on submarines. In space even small nick won’t heal, prolonged weightlessness reduces the body’ ability to repair itself. Astronauts have reported that even minor injuries that occur in space do not begin to heal until weeks after landing. The body wont heal properly in zero gravity and this leads to health risks in space. NASA’s Donald J. Stilwell is responsible for cultivating new medical technology, and is currently developing practical applications for monochromatic light. The cell’s mitochondria don’t function properly in space, one way to boost or excite the mitochondria is to irradiate tissue with monochromatic light stimulating a biochemical reaction that in turn stabilizes cell function. With NASA’s help, Quantum Devices has developed highly efficient LEDs for this treatment. Their newest LED are designed with heat-sink allowing a greater volume of light, some of their arrays are said to emit light 10 times the brightness of the sun. When illuminating cultured cells from the newly developed LEDs they were said to grow muscle cells many times faster than normal environmental conditions.

Continual radiant light will increase the blood flow and reduce swelling, wherein a pulsed light stimulates DNA. Continual monochromatic light sedates the tissue, wherein pulsed light activates it. This topic plus many others were discussed at the 13th International Congress on Photobiology which focused on photomedicine and the healing aspects of this new science. In Japan 90% of the patients with early stage lung cancer had complete remission after PTD. There are several biotechnology companies now developing not only devices but photo-active chemicals knows as photosensitizes or photoreactive drugs that assist the light in its healing process. Bowling Green State University in Ohio has recently developed a Ph. D. program in the photochemical sciences

There are other uses for monochromatic light one company is now using beams of light that can kill the AIDS virus in human  blood destined for transfusions. Cerus Corp. in Concord, CA has developed a method of killing the AIDS virus, hepatitis, malaria and other viruses in blood used for transfusions. It is said that a similar type of technology called photo-pharises a transfusion process used on patients with cancer is now being tested on HIV patients showing promising results.

There are near miracles in the new field. Dr James McCaughan has a patient that had no options, because of her cancer she was given no more that 6 months to live. The patient was injected with a light-sensitive chemical, then Dr McCaughan used a catheter to shine the light directly on the affected area for 30 minutes, the patient is now cancer free. Photo-sensitive drugs are not needed to for successful accelerated monochromatic light healing, but the chemical is a power activator and good alternative in severe cases.

Most biostimulation devices have not yet been approve by the FDA. It is illegal for manufactures in the U.S. to make claims of any clinical effectiveness. The Office of Compliance has issued warnings to firms suspected of the illegal marketing these devices. The devices practitioners are currently treating people with are only through a investigational device exemption or with institutional review board approval and or sold without specific medical claims for self treatment.

Monochromatic light therapy is said to successfully treat: thought cancer, lung & esophageal cancer, skin cancer, pain relief, reduced swelling, accelerate wound healing, sports injuries, macular degeneration, tendinitis, capsulitis, myafacial pain, ulcers, acupuncture point stimulation, carpal tunnel, mouth sores, sinus relief, stress release, headaches, arthritis, osteoarthritis, food allergies, improve circulation, help skin conditions, acne, psoriasis, teeth & gums, eyes & ears, addictive habit reduction, insect stings & bites, asthma, burns, herpes, sprains & pulled muscles, neuralgia, neuropathies, muscoskeletal disorders, and chronic pain disorders. I  am currently putting together a video documentary on this subject that will be out late 2001. If you are interested in getting more information, a longer version of the article and or copy of the video for personal or broadcast please contact me. This article is ok to post on the Internet under the condition that my contact information and name remain intact.