Journey of Souls with Michael Newton

Journey of Souls is a case study of patients seen by Michael Newton, Ph.D., a certified Master Hypnotherapist in California. They came to him with many of the usual complaints unrelenting fear, an inability to cope with certain situations, pains that don’t seem to go away Dr. Newton, a self-professed atheist with no interest at all in new age things, did straight hypnotherapy. No past-life stuff. Until he was forced to confront the possibility that reincarnation is true.

His groundbreaking book takes the reader to that place between lives where we meet with members of our soul groups, consult with our teachers and make concerted efforts to choose an appropriate life and situation to help ourselves grow. In a special interview that included Edge Publisher Gary Beckman and his wife, lnsiah Vawda-Beckman, Dr. Newton told us he would have been the first one to laugh in your face if you had discussed the journey of souls. Now, he takes it seriously, and his discussion of the subject merits keynote status around the world.

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